Thursday, December 24, 2015

It’s up to us


Hello there,

Help protect the Open Web - Donate Now You and I, we’re not average. We don’t see ourselves as passive consumers of the Web. We—you, me, the millions who are part of this movement—see ourselves as citizens of the Web.

That’s why it’s up to us. Starting with our friends and family, we want more people to get in control of their online lives. We want everyone to know how to be safe and feel safe online.

If you’ve never given to Mozilla before, right now is the time to chip in. Our year-end fundraising campaign fuels our plans to build and protect the Web we know and love. Click here right now to make a secure online gift to Mozilla before our campaign ends on December 31st.

Ultimately, we know this: If we want to grow and protect the promise of the Internet, we need everyone to be citizens of the Web. Mozilla has big plans to grow this movement, but we can’t do it without you behind us. That’s why we need your support.

I also believe in our plan. We already have proof of concept—our incredible progress in 2015. I sent you an email in November about our wins in 2015. We could not have preserved net neutrality, taught digital skills around the globe, or reined in mass surveillance without the support of people like you.

In 2016, here’s where we’re making a stand:

  • Fight for online privacy: From surveillance to security to identity, trust is eroding. That hurts the open nature of the Web. Everyone should feel safe online. We will push governments and companies to give people the choice to be private and secure when they want to be.

  • Help more people get access to the whole Internet, not just part of it: From zero rating to online harassment, inclusion is not guaranteed. We want to ensure everyone has a chance to shape the Internet so it reflects the beautiful diversity of our world.

  • Put more people in control of their online lives: The Internet is growing, but too many people are still passive consumers of online content. Everyone deserves to have the skills and know-how to unlock opportunities online. That’s why we’ll continue to champion universal digital literacy.

This is the plan, and it will work as long as people like you stand with us.

Every gift matters, no matter how big or small. Click here right now to donate to Mozilla’s year-end campaign. Deadline: December 31st.

Together, we are part of a growing movement to protect the open Web
but as we grow, threats to the Web grow also. That is why we need many more people to join us and take a stand for the open Internet in 2016 and beyond.

Your support helps Mozilla change the world for the better by making sure everyone can participate in a Web that is open and free. Together, we have built a vibrant network of friends and allies who share our vision of the Internet as a global public resource that belongs to all of us. The next wave is up to us.

Thank you for all you do for Mozilla,


Mark Surman
Executive Director

P.S. Our year-end campaign is short-lived. The deadline to give is December 31st, so don’t wait. We really believe in the good work we’re doing, and it’s only possible thanks to people like you. Thank you.

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