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Visited Gorontalo, Minister Suharso Reviewed Vaccination to Talumelito Flood Location

Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2021

60MENIT.com-Visited Gorontalo, Minister Suharso Reviewed Vaccination to Talumelito Flood Location.Saturday,09/10/2021

60MENIT.com-GORONTALO-Minister of National Development Planning Suharso Monoarfa made a working visit to Gorontalo Province, Saturday (9/10/2021).

In this province, the Minister is scheduled to visit a number of places. The first place the Minister visited was Talumelito Village. the Minister inspected the river whose walls had collapsed due to the Flood a few weeks ago.

Minister said, public must be educated to stay away from riverbanks. According to him, in several countries the Minister has visited, rivers have returned to nature.

“It doesn't need concrete, it has to be planted with plants. look at the river, next to it there are trees and plants, it is not flooded, but if there is housing, they make sheet piles, they are hit by water, so that must be taught to the community and the upstream must be re-greened." said the Minister.

After reviewing the location of the flood, the Minister continued his journey to the vaccination site at Limboto Sport Center. There, The Minister monitored vaccination implementation of 2000 residents.

Based on data compiled by Bappenas, positive cases of Covid-19 in Gorontalo have decreased drastically. In the past week, there were only 16 new cases. However, vaccination achievement in this province is still low. It is known that the vaccination achievement here has only reached 19.12% for the second dose, and 40.59% for the first dose.

When reviewing the implementation of vaccinations, the Minister appealed to the public to receive all types of vaccines. Because according to him, Gotontalo still needs another 1 million doses of vaccine.

“Earlier, I was informed by the Health Department, there is a stock of 50 thousand moderna here. So don't worry, because vaccines have the same goal. We don't say which one is the best."

Saturday, October, 9th 2021

*Public Communications Team*

Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas


(Asep Sunandar)